The American Bar Association states that no major is particularly preferable, but it is important to fine-tune your research and writing skills before applying. You should also have some basic knowledge about the government system. With this in mind, the majors below have been chosen as the top majors to prep you for law school.

1. Political Science

It comes as no surprise that this major sits in the number one slot. This major schools you in government proceedings, political processes, public policies, and the law. This field will lay the groundwork for many introductory law school classes.

2. Criminal Justice

This major will help you understand our judicial system. You will learn about legal processes, crime causation and prevention, rehabilitation, punishment, law, and government agencies. All these things will provide you with a wealth of knowledge applicable to law school curriculum.

3. English

An English degree will help you with your writing skills and your critical thinking skills. In this major, you are required to take some creative writing courses, which will help you think outside of the box. Also, you will be commissioned to write a host of literary criticism that requires you to dissect a text--another good skill for law school.

4. Psychology

Psychology will help you enhance your research skills. Psychology is about researching individual people as well as groups of people and dissecting their behaviors and mannerisms in a scientific way. As a lawyer you will want to be able to get into people's heads and understand them. A psychology degree will provide you with a unique set of skills very helpful in the law profession.

5. Sociology

Sociology is another major that's good for investigation and research. It will also help you to understand the society we live in and the role lawyers and government officials play in that society. The benefits of a sociology major are two-fold in that it provides you with the research skills you need as well as a background knowledge in social activity i.e. why we do the things we do.